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No Pain No Gain
never give up
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Welcome to! I will help you look & feel in the best shape of your life.


Betterbodybyvane training helps clients transform their lifestyle physically and mentally. The motivation and encouragement in a group training facility creates a pulsing, upbeat environment where goals are met and exceeded.

One on One Training

Need a training program designed just for you? Private sessions with Betterbodybyvane are tailored to fit YOUR personal fitness goals.

Fitness Equipment

The amazing Fitness Workouts with me are designed to be full-body workouts and are intended to be used for anything from weight loss and cardio to gaining lean muscle and and a well define body. Weight lifting/cardio vascular is a high-energy workout that is guaranteed to not only burn fat but it will ultimately improve everything in your body from looks to health.


Vanessa Gallegos Betterbodybyvane

I started as a personal trainer to motivate and help individuals to live a healthy lifestyle. Fitness is my passion and i truly fell in love with it. I made a drastic change with my body. When i started working out i only weighed 98 lbs i was insecure and felt like i needed change, i took the step to get into the gym and ran with it and haven't stopped since. I feel if i can help others lose or gain weight, build strength or just feel better with themselves inside and out and it's something i love and enjoy then why not do it.

"Start today!"


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